Panel: How Faculty can Support Online Student Success

Dr. Lawrence S. Dugan, Provost Fellow, SUNY Online Enrollment and Student Success.
Mike Walker, Support Services HelpDesk Manager, SUNY Online.


View Panel: How Faculty can Support Online Student Success

Susan Warner, Student Success Coordinator, SUNY Online.
Marcia Malone-Ray, Learning Management System Help Desk Analyst, SUNY Online.
Nina Santiago, SUNY Online Help Desk Analyst.
Amanda Wickham, SUNY Online Success Coordinator.
Robert Jones, SUNY Online Help Desk Analyst.

Tracks: Online Faculty, Online Instructional Designer, Online Student Support

DAY 3: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
2:15 – 3:45PM

This panel will draw on the online faculty and student support experiences of the SUNY Online Help Desk and Student Support Coaches to discuss their respective perspectives, observations, and emerging themes regarding online practices that help or hinder online student success.

The panel will address the following questions:

  • What types of cooperating supports are available outside the classroom to ensure students have a quality online educational experience?
  • How does the role of a SUNY Online Success Coach support the work of online faculty and increase online student persistence, retention, and completion?
  • How can we efficiently use technical support and direct online students through support channels?
  • What themes related to online student success have emerged from the technical support and success coaching perspectives?
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