Adams & Iuzzini: Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning

Lisa Melohusky, Online Learning Coordinator, SUNY Fredonia.


Presentation: Exploring Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Strategies in Designing Equitable Digital Learning Environments.

Susan Adams,
Associate Director of Teaching & Learning, Achieving the Dream, Inc.
Jon Iuzzini, Director of Teaching & Learning, Achieving the Dream, Inc.

Tracks: Plenary, (Online Instructional Designers, Online Faculty)

DAY 3: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
1:00 – 2:00PM

Taking the four elements of Zaretta Hammond’s Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching, participants will visualize strategies that create a digital learning environment that acknowledges the socio-political context around race and language; re-imagines the student-teacher partnership; Connects new content to culturally relevant examples and makes space for student voice and agency.

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