Team Roles

SUNY Online Summit twitter team Captain responsibilities:

  • Recruits, organizes, and trains/coordinates a team of volunteers from among our community to promote and to live tweet the event.
    • Identify, recruit, and manage 5-10 volunteer SUNY Online community twitter-ers/twitterati for the conference, who would be recognized and appear on the official SUNY Online Summit twitter team list.
  • Communicates via twitter and other social media outlets with the volunteer team to promote and model effective promotional strategies.
    • Must attend the live event in person and have an open, active, and public twitter account.
    • Leading the back channel prior to the event builds anticipation for the event, enhances the experience for both live and virtual participants, and extends the conversation beyond the end of the event.

SUNY Online Summit twitter team Volunteer responsibilities:

  • Promote the event via various social media/networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, linkdin, etc.)
  • Promote the event in the months prior to the conference to build awareness, engagement, information, enthusiasm, expectations, registration, and online participation.
    • Distribute information about the conference via social networks.
  • Attend and live tweet the conference.
    • Keep track of, and represent questions from the virtual audience during the live streamed presentations at the conference.
    • Enhance the conference experience by tweeting supplementary information, materials, links related to live presentations.
    • Supporting an active back channel for the conference, showcases the event, showcases SUNY Online and (the power of) SUNY, make sit more engaging for virtual participants watching the streamed presentations, and extends the reach of the event to all our collective followers.

The SUNY Online Twitter team Captain and Volunteers should have familiarity with live tweeting conferences, have unblocked twitter identities, have familiarity and access to additional social networks, and have following and credibility as a participant in social networks/media.

Interested in being part of the team? Check out the roles and responsibilities. Any questions may be directed to Erin Maney @expertlymade – 2021 Twitter Captain

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