Team Responsibilities

Thanks for being part of the volunteer team of twitterati for the SUNY Online Summit!

You have agreed to:

  1. Tweet before the conference to spread the word and generate some buzz about it.
  2. Live Tweet the conference to showcase the presentations, presenters, SUNY, Open SUNY, SUNY Online, and our online community of online teaching and learning Fellows and practitioners.

1. Promoting the Summit:

You should begin sharing #SUNYonlinesummit information and posting, comments, reminders, conference info, questions, questions for the presenters, reflections, and retweeting things about the SUNY Online Summit via twitter immediately upon agreeing to be part of the team : ) Anything to get buzz going about the summit!

Your unique interests and perspectives will add levels of dimension to the back channel for this event, before, during and after.

2. Live tweeting the Summit:

Live tweeting the conference will add fun, dynamic, exciting, and informative back channel conversations to the event experience. It will also add a mechanism to document the event, and it will extend the conversation to those not able to attend, those attending virtually, and extend the conversation beyond the end of the Summit.

If you have never live tweeted a conference, here is an excellent resource:

Even if you have, please review it.

Some additional suggestions:

  • Be sure to use and disseminate the #SUNYonlinesummit hashtag.
  • Use additional hashtags to extend your reach. #lrnchat #edchat #onlinelearning #highered #opensuny #suny #sunyonline, etc.
    Here is a comprehensive list of educational hashtags:
  • Post photos in FB, twitter, flickr, pinterest or instagram. Tag them with #sunyonline #SUNYonlinesummit
  • Add links to add depth to your post. (If the presenter shows a video or mentions a resource, person, event, thing -search, find, and post the URL.) The back channel is engaging and enhanced by what value you can add.
  • Posts can be on any related topic, from questions, to hallway conversations, to reactions to the speakers. They will be collected and posted as part of the proceedings of the events.

Any questions may be directed to your twitter Captain Erin Maney (@ExpertlyMade)

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