Chuck Dziuban: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age

Alexandra M. Pickett, Director, Online SUNY Online Teaching.
Dr. Patsy D. Moskal, Director, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, Digital Learning Impact Evaluation, University of Central Florida (UCF).


Presentation: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age: Adaptiveness, Scarcity, Instructional Technology, and Equity

Presenter: Dr. Chuck Dziuban, is Director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Tracks: Plenary (Online Student Support, Online Admin/Leadership, Online Instructional Designer, Online Faculty)

DAY 2: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
2:00 – 3:00PM

Chuck Dziuban will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing our educational system- those that have been evolving and those caused by the events of 2020. Conceptual frameworks such as “Teaching at Scale” are impacted by instructional innovations such as adaptive learning and its relationship to educational analytics. He will address the need to reconsider traditional education concepts such as holding learning time constant when most students in contemporary society, including adult learners, encounter scarcity that develops from needs that surpass resources available to meet them. This particularly impacts students from under-served circumstances and working adults who are juggling multiple life responsibilities and are forced to use trade off strategies to obtain an education.

Chuck will discuss the need to examine digital learning in the context of determining what problems are we trying to solve. For instance, has online learning impacted the fact that students living in the lowest economic quartile in the United States have less than a ten percent chance of obtaining a college degree? 

He will share data from a working partnership among The Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness of the University of Central Florida, a private for-profit university and their common adaptive learning platform provider and argue that these kinds shared relationships are necessary for identifying effective practice in digital learning. Finely he will discuss the Tangelo Park program in Orlando as a model for eliminating educational and economic inequality.   

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